Our WinRanX product is an extremely flexible musical instrument sound generator application controlled via MIDI and designed for fixed installation public performance venues & particularly church pipe organs. All aspects of a digital pipe organ ranks configuration, including audio channeling, actual sounds, pitch, expression modeling, modulation etc., can be easily configured on site in real time by the installer. A fully comprehensive list of real time note by note 'voicing' adjustments allow the instrument to be acoustically crafted to the location, using a free accompanying tool VoiceDRE.

When augmenting a pipe organ with either, a few digital pipe organ Pedal ranks, some solo reeds, perhaps a pipe organ mixture or even a whole pipe organ division, a WinRanX system will put the builder in full control to tonally blend additions and simulate pipe characteristics, or even record existing pipes to effortlessly add extensions.

WinRanX is a remarkably efficient application utilizing today's multi core CPU's for speed, wasting no time or resources on graphical representations, but instead works tirelessly as your companion to simply produce beautiful music.

The WinRanX input board (for systems without MIDI) in addition to providing suppressed note  & stop action inputs, also includes a temperature sensor for accurate tuning tracking, MIDI I/O and the ability to add additional pipe driver boards for an an enlarged or replacement relay.

  Rank Capacity License dependent
  Supported Sample Rates  44.1KHz, 48KHz & 96KHz
  Supported bit depth 16bit, 24bit & 32bit
  Maximum Audio Channels 1 to 24 (per WinRanX Unit)
  Maximum Instrument size Limitation is determined by installed RAM (uses 64-bit pointers)
  Maximum samples per
Limited to 80, (which easily allows for each pipe...
          instrument or rank                                                        of a 61 note rank to be sampled)