The Westacott PortFolio is a stand-alone MIDI sequencer unit that can record the musical performances of MIDI equipped instruments, and store them onto SD (Secure Digital) memory cards as MIDI data files. Similarly the PortFolio can also play back previously stored performances from the SD card to the instrument. These performances can either have been made with the Westacott PortFolio, or any other device capable of creating a MIDI ‘type 0’ file format.

The SD cards used by the PortFolio can be written to or read by any computer with a suitable SD card slot, meaning that files (or songs) can be purchased online, or transferred to a computer and if necessary, edited with appropriate software.

This simple to use unit can be supplied with (or without) a wireless remote control (as shown) to add a new level of control to your experience, with a range of up to 200ft.
In order to make the the PortFolio more convienient to use, while remaining visually discrete to the overall asthetic of the console, we reccommend fitting the unit to the lthe left of the organist, within a drawer beneath the keydesk.

Here are some examples of this practise.

File Capacity A combination 128 songs or folders per folder
Recorded file format  Standard MIDI File Format 0
Play File Format Standard MIDI File Format 0
Tempo (play) 40 to 240 bpm
Tempo (record) 120 (fixed) bpm
Display Vacuum Florescent Display (2 x 20 chars)
Storage SD memory card
Storage Format Microsoft (FAT16 or FAT32) (Mac Compatible)
Dimensions Width 6.85in (174mm) Depth 4in (103mm) Height 1.4in (35.2mm)
Weight: 1.16lbs (525g)